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What Is Voice Search and How Is It Impacting SEO Today

August 15, 2018

What Is Voice Search and How Is It Impacting SEO Today

Over the years, everything that was seen as far-fetched science fiction ideas has now come to pass. The one thing that many people thought would not come to pass is Voice Search. However, Voice Search is being utilized and is the future of almost everything including Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Just when people thought that Facebook would not amount to much as a marketing tool and was only seen as a social network tool, it is one of the most powerful marketing platforms to date. Facebook is the powerhouse for top marketers and now so is Voice Search for Search Engine Optimization.

What is Voice Search and how important is SEO for voice Search today?

What is voice search?

Voice Search technology recognizes speech and allows you to say a term out loud instead of typing that term into the search field. With smartphones and other devices available, the Voice Search technology has spurred interest from all over the world. It can be used in application such as:

* Clarifying specific requests

* Making search engine queries

* Requesting information like sports scores or stock quotes

* Selecting options

* Launching programs

* Searching video files and audio content

Although Voice search is a software application, but it is also available as a service. Vlingo for iPhone, Google Mobile App, and other applications rely on it for specific programs.

How important is SEO for voice Search today

Semantic search will be important

Did you know that search engines don't rely on keywords alone? Besides keywords, they rely on other factors. Sites such as Google specifies user’s search patterns or previous searches to deliver results. The process is known as semantic search. With Voice search, semantic will become more crucial.

SEO will be about natural questions

Most people use the five Ws when searching for something. As for Voice search, people prefer using Who, What, When, Where and Why. For instance, instead of “Top 10 SEO tips of 2018”, they will ask “What are the top 10 SEO tips of 2018?”

Error decrease

Although the AI is getting smarter, error in applications such as Siri, Alexa, and Google cannot be avoided. However, with Voice Search, errors are significantly decreased. The application allows users to be precise enough and with improved accuracy.

Voice search will be the norm

Already voice search is changing SEO and how it works. With Voice search, search marketers can take solace in the fact that it is not going anywhere and it is changing SEO for good. Using it is much easier than typing. Try it for yourself!

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