All You Need To Know About Google Adwords

July 15, 2016

Google AdWords is known to be an advertising service run by Google to get ads displayed on its platform (website). This kind of advertising is mainly designed for businesses that are looking to display ads on Google's advertising network or on Google itself. AdWords is simply Google's own advertising service through which biddings are made on certain keywords by advertisers so as to make their clickable ads display on its page. By paying for ads, AdWords allow you to place search results for your website on any of Google's Search Engine Results Page (SERP). To this end, your site remains organically up the rankings and as such you do not have to wait for it to work. Google makes money from search by allowing advertisers to pay for these clicks. By enabling businesses to set a budget for their ads, the AdWords program only pays when people click the ads. The information on this article will help you understand what Google AdWords is all about which include its importance to your business, how to use it and other tips on its features.

Why Your Business Needs It

Regardless of the kind of industry, you are in - whether strictly brick-and-mortar or strictly eCommerce, you will absolutely need a Google AdWords account especially if you are really serious about growing and marketing your company. Increasing a company's visibility is the goal of all SEO campaigns. One thing is sure; you cannot make money from your company's website if it does not have visitors. If your website is buried in Google's search index, you won't have visitors either. You will need to do proper keyword research and/or optimize your Google AdWords campaign so as to be able to get traffic for your website. However, there is one small way by which you can really help your business succeed; it is by investing a tiny amount of capital and a little (about 20mins) required to create a Google AdWords account. As a small business owner, you must understand that online marketing and Google AdWords go hand in hand. From anywhere in the world, a prospective customer is likely going to make a search on Google especially if they are looking for a service, product, promotion, or any other thing. If you've got what the customer is looking for, AdWords can get you found. Google AdWords has proven to be a hugely successful method of ultimately getting increased sales, marketing products online and driving traffic. No matter how long you have been around, you can compete with career-long, experienced, motivated SEO experts even on the same level with Google AdWords. Your services can be viewed by your market just when they are making searches for your specific service, product or offers. You can reliably get across to your local customer without stress through Google AdWords. This program can help you to geo-target so as to be able to get seen by your consumer if you are operating a locally based business. To this end, you do not have to waste your ad dollars on people that are not in your area. You can enhance your Google AdWords with your business address, reviews, phone numbers, site landing page links, previous page visits, app downloads and many more through ad extensions. Once this is done, they will appear just below your ad description in blue.

How to Use Google AdWords

Although AdWords is known to be one of the best sources for new customers, it is important for you to take cognizance of the power of AdWords when setting up a campaign. You need a checklist to properly manage AdWords campaigns and become a successful advertiser. Before, setting out to create your first campaign, there is a need to verify if what you are going to offer has search volume. One way of doing this is by making use of the Google AdWords keyword suggestion tool to enter in those phrases or keywords that you think are most prospects search for. Google will not only tell how often these keywords are searched and their competitiveness, it will also suggest other similar relevant phrases. Here is the link to the tool ( Before starting, do well to set the Advanced Options by setting the Location and Language. Set the device to desktops and laptops which is already its default. However, if you are targeting only mobile devices ensure to select mobile device. Next, make sure to check Local Monthly Searches, competition and Approximate CPC (cost per click) when you click on the columns drop down menu. If you picked the U.S. as your location in the Advanced Options, the Local Monthly Searches will only show the searches in the United States. To get an accurate sense of how many relevant phrases are available monthly, it is recommended you use the keyword match Type Setting known as "Phrase" match when you are conducting keyword research for AdWords. Finally, before clicking the Search button, use the keyword tool to simply type in those phrases you think your prospective customers are typing in Google.

Some Advanced Features

Early this year, Google created a new web page which according to them, are aimed at helping advertisers remain on top of all latest updates and features to Google AdWords. All the latest updates for every month are arranged chronologically on this page. Recently some updates that will affect every AdWords advertiser were released they include expanded text ads and bidding levers for all devices. However, anyone in the PPC industry will be familiar with the changes

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