Organic SEO - One of the Best Online Marketing Strategies in 2016

August 15, 2016

Organic SEO is a must-have to build a successful business or personal image these days. After all, the big search engine of them all, Google, has tossed exact matches on keywords aside in favor of its bots "guessing" what searches mean when they type in a search. While it might sound like the storyline to a science fiction novel, where the bots, armed with artificial intelligence, take over the world one computer at a time, it's not exactly the case. The secret all comes down to how the search engines are making their guesses.

Winning Organic SEO Through The Bot Guessing Game

The reason the bots and their guessing games are relevant is because it leads to making organic SEO work for websites around the globe. Remember now that Google is armed with speed to comb the Internet quickly. It knows that searchers value "verifiable" and "quality companies" not just "high-quality content" (as many self-proclaimed SEO "gurus" say.)

Google Pre-Searches For Site Mentions

If someone picks up their smartphone and searches for ice cream shops, Google will check the location of the searcher. Does Shana @ Gmail always search on products in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada? Then the focus will be on Vancouver unless Shana types in another location in her search. Google then runs what is akin to a pre-search, combing the Internet for signs of quality Vancouver, BC ice cream shops. The top shop may have started in 1996, built a website in 1997, and always gets the number one spot on Google search results. The number 2 ice cream shop has been hard at work building its online footprint for the past 2 years. It has 3,000 Facebook likes and 20,000 fans on its Business Page. Its owner is a pillar in the community whose Facebook profile anchors the page. His niece adeptly updates the community with quick tips, quips, shares, and news about the shop daily. She responds to questions and comments. She also keeps up a Twitter account, Google+ page, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snap Chat accounts. They have a LinkedIn as well where they stay active with other ice cream shop owners. They have a good set of solid customers on Yelp who have given the shop a 5-star rating overall. And, if there are complaints, they address them with gracious apologies. The shop's son is a videographer who posts weekly videos on YouTube according to people's long-tail keyword searches. They link back to their shop's website, where they sell everything ice cream to North America.

The Guessing Games Are Over

The social media presence, along with a fast-loading cleanly designed website all build validity for the company. Because it has good ratings, is responsive, and well-liked, Google search bots "guess" that the ice cream shop is excellent. That's how Organic SEO works.

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