Why PPC and How It Can Help Your Business

May 15, 2016

If you're advertising online, most likely you have heard of PPC or Google Adwords. PPC stands for pay-per-click and it's a marketing model where advertisers pay a certain amount every time their ad is clicked. It basically is a way of purchasing people's visits to your site, bringing the visits to you than having them try to find you on this vast Internet. Adwords is a program that Google created that allows business owners to set a budget for advertising that pays per click. It revolves around keywords.

Every online business has keywords. Let's say your business offers bicycle parts. Your keywords likely are: bicycle, bicycle parts, bicycle repair, or bicycle riders. These are words directly associated with your business. When people put these words into the search engine, you want your business to show up as close to page one or two of the search results as possible, and as close to the top as possible. This gives you the best chance of getting your brand some traffic, and in turn hopefully increasing your profits with a sale.

There are tools to optimize your chances of traffic because of how competitive online marketing is. Adwords is a way to utilize pay-per-click but to set a budget so you aren't paying huge dollars every day for your advertising. PPC is effective because of that control over budget, but also because you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and lands on your website. This allows you to know immediately if it is working, and results are instant as search engines display your ad immediately.

Also, with PPC your fees are transparent. You know exactly how much you are going to pay for each click. Plus, since you set your budget, there's no going over that number. It's easy to set a daily budget based on your ROI. ROI is your return on investment. Let's say you have a product that costs $10 to make and sells for $20. If you sell five of them as a result of your Adwords campaign, then your sales total is $20 x 5, or $100. Your Adwords cost is $20. Your ROI would be $100 less cost to produce of $50, less advertising which was $20. That would leave $30. Your ROI is 100-(50+20)/(50+20) or 42%.

Obviously, if you increase the price or the daily budget, that ROI will change. You can control it by modifying costs. You can see how easy it is to calculate ROI and know exactly how well your PPC marketing campaign is working.

Overall, using PPC is an effective way to manage your advertising. It puts the numbers in your control and lets you make changes as needed. If you're looking for ways to truly get your brand known, PPC and Adwords is what you need to succeed.

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