YouTube Video Marketing in 2016: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Posted on October 13, 2016

Today we are going to delve (not too deep so don't worry) into the world of YouTube video marketing. By the time you finish reading this you will have a better grasp of how you can harness the potential of YouTube to drive traffic and conversions to your website or the website of your client. Since we are following the best practices set out by the Gods at Google there will be no black hat or gray hat shenanigans so if you are looking for that type of stuff then you are in the wrong place, aside from that we can head on over to the deep end of the pool and dive in.

Create Content That People Actually Want To Watch

One of the worst sins that can be committed when developing a YouTube video marketing strategy is to come up with fluff content that is neither informative nor entertaining, viewers expect some call to action in your content but not to be pitched for ten to fifteen minutes straight. Spend some time identifying what are the primary pain-points your prospective customers would have and then address those in your videos. If your video has a compelling call to action and is entertaining, then the viewer will likely take that action item and that could lead to more conversions for you however it takes a considerable amount of planning.

Element of Great Content You Can Actually Be Proud Of

  • * Start by creating a storyboard or script of what you want to have in the YouTube video marketing materials.

  • * Don't make it all text based, people go to YouTube to watch video and not read so if the text (hey are you still awake, yeah see even you don't read lots of text so don't expect your target audience to be avid readers). By having a script your video should have some structure.

  • * Will you be doing the voice over or being right in front of the camera? If you are planning on using actors try to find someone local, there are websites like Fiverr but you do not want to use actors that have saturated the market otherwise your prospective clients could realize your "customers" aren't really customers.

  • * When you have the script worked out try a few mock runs just to make sure it feels and flows right. After you have it in place you can try to create your first video. During the editing process try to remember that shorter is usually better given the average individual has a very short attention span.

  • * Install tracking analytics (Google/YouTube take care of this for you) so you can monitor all of the people who are viewing the YouTube content you have posted. Something that you will need to do is give the video enough time to gain traction to determine whether it is successful or not.

  • * Optimize the description of the video so it can be indexed properly. When a person does a search on Google or YouTube, if the description for the video has been written properly and optimized then more prospective customers will find your website which should lead to more traffic and conversions.

  • * Plan to have ongoing content being added on a regular basis, by adding new "subscribers" to your new YouTube channel it will help increase your chances of having your company go viral.

Engaging Your Audience All The Time

It is not enough to simply get people to watch your YouTube video and follow the action item you should try to engage these viewers. If the viewer leaves a comment be sure to reply to it in a timely fashion and take this as a serious opportunity while being on the lookout for "Internet trolls". Another option is to take the feedback provided by the viewers and create more videos that answer the questions, comments or concerns raised by the viewers. Individuals who feel like their voice is being heard and appreciated are more likely to come back than someone who is not heard or respected. Another avenue you might consider using in your YouTube video marketing campaign is forming strategic alliances with individuals who are in a related niche to yours. By creating complimentary videos, you can drive relevant traffic to the individual you have aligned with and they can send traffic your way as well. It should become pretty clear to you there is no "silver bullet" when it comes to effective YouTube video marketing but if you keep everything focused on meeting the needs of the viewer you are taking a big step in the right direction.

Incorporate Social Networking into Your YouTube Video Marketing

Social networking websites like Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook (ok so Pinterest isn't a traditional social networking website it has lots of pics with glitter and glitter is awesome) have revolutionized communication. By posting your YouTube videos on these social networking platforms you can help attract clients that would not be actively searching for what you are offering. If a person shares your video on their Facebook page for example there is a good chance the friends of that individual will also click on the video and watch it. This type of video marketing can give a small company equal footing against a large organization that has a massive advertising budget. This is not something to take lightly, with the right YouTube video marketing you can bring an organization to incredible levels of success in a very short amount of time. Remember the song by Korean artist "Psy"? He got billions of views for a video, imagine what even a sliver of traffic like 1 million views could do for your business and bottom line! The most important thing you can do is reach out for advice if you are facing challenges just remember the worse type of marketing is the one you never try so give YouTube video marketing a chance, you will be really happy you did.

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