9 Free Ways to Advertise Your Website


All business owners would like to find a cost-effective way to advertise on the Internet.

Here is a list of ways to advertise your website:

  1. 1. Blogs - A Weblog, or blog, is a collection of articles, essays, or thoughts. Blogs encourage reader comments, which make them a valuable tool for gathering customer feedback. Blogger and WordPress will host your blog for free. You can also add a blog to your existing website.

  3. 2. Videos - Set up a free YouTube account and start posting videos of your products and services. Talk about things that interest people to come back to see your videos. Look at what your competitors are doing to give you some ideas.

  5. 3. Join as members of online communities - Contribute to discussion groups and you can inform your customers and advertise your business all at once! Some examples are Twitter and Facebook.

  7. 4. Customer Service - Providing excellent customer service will please your customers and give you word of mouth. You can also have a testimonials page on your website to turn your visitors into customers.

  9. 5. Article Writing - Write an e-mail newsletter with articles about your company, your products and services, and news. Here are some articles sources to check out: www.goarticles.com and www.ezinearticles.com. They are free to sign up.

  11. 6. E-mail lists - You can save a list of your customers' e-mail addresses and send them news, coupons/discounts, product info, or promos/special offers. You can also have your customers subscribe to your newsletters.

  13. 7. Reciprocal links - Companies help businesses via an exchange of hyperlinks. You give them your link. They give you theirs. Everyone wins.

  15. 8. Reciprocal banner ads - Reciprocal banner ads help businesses by allowing free banner advertisement exchanges.

  17. 9. Coupons - Make coupons available on your Web site and let users download them. You can also e-mail them to your customers.


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