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Maximize Mobile Traffic and Increase Mobile Conversions offers the following services for Mobile Advertising for your Mobile App. Whether you have an iOS or an Android app, we can help you with:

* Mobile Advertising

* Mobile SEO

* Mobile Application Development

* Mobile Social Media

* Mobile Analytics

Why choose us?

We have developed strategies to help you increase mobile search traffic. We focus on responsive web design and web development strategies that enable your website to be viewed optimally on all platforms. Our Mobile Advertising team has the tools and resources to manage every component of your mobile search strategy.

Do you need Mobile Advertising services? Got an app that you need to advertise but don't know where to start? We can help you.

Client Case Study 1: Admob services

We provided Admob services for Sunny's Social Networking iPhone App. offers solutions for discovery, branding and monetization on the mobile web.

Here is a general idea of the admob process:

* Step 1: Campaign Info

What is the name of your campaign?

What will be your Daily Budget?

* Step 2: Ad Group Goal

What do you want to promote?

* Step 3: Targeting

What devices do you want to target?


Target all geographic locations or specific?

* Step 4: Creative & Bid

Choose your ad type (image ads or text ads)


Client Case Study 2: Mobile Advertising

We set up bottom banner and a full page ad for a Text N Tease iOS App. The bottom banner would appear on the bottom of the text messaging screen and the full page ad would appear after a few minutes, in which the user could exit the ad and go back to where they were in the app.

Client Case Study 3: Playhaven Advertising

We set up Playhaven advertising for a client. Playhaven is a performance-based advertising solution routinely delivering quality players from the best games-focused ad network. We integrated a 'More Games' button onto the existing Text Messaging App. When the user clicks on the 'More Games' button, they see the following:

edmonton mobile advertising


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