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We Measure and Track ROI

Analytics and Reporting to Accurately Measure and Track ROI

We are Google Analytics Experts and Adwords Certified: We are a Google Adwords Qualified Company. We have a team of Google Analytics Certified Experts. We provide custom analytics and we troubleshoot analytics. We take care of broken links, 404 errors with Google's tools such as the disavow tool. We prevent your site from getting penalized by Google's guidelines. We provide monthly reporting so that you are involved in your campaign and know what is going on.

We provide Analytics & Reporting for your site:

  • The Audience reports are designed to provide insight into who makes up your audience, how that audience reaches and consumes your content, as well as loyalty and engagement.
  • AdWords reports - this section gives you post-click performance metrics for your AdWord traffic.
  • Acquisition | Behavior | Conversion

    Acquisition by Sessions, % New Sessions, and New Users.

    Behavior on site by Bounce Rate, Pages per Session, and Average Session Duration.

    Conversion patterns by Transactions, Revenue, Ecommerce Conversion Rate, Goal Conversion Rate, Goal Completions, and Goal Value.

  • Behavior - this section helps you improve site content in order to meet your user's needs and expectations.
  • Conversions - this is the completion of a site activity that's important to your business' success. For Eg. A user makes an ecommerce transaction on your site.
  • Tools - Report Controls, Segments, Dimensions and metrics, Flow Visualization, & Custom Reports.
  • Mobile App Analytics allows you to collect data from your app(s) and integrate it with your Google Analytics.

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