Free SEO Tips

Links, Text, Popularity & Reputation

  1. 1. When designing your web site, always consider SEO. Discuss organic SEO with your web designer.

  3. 2. Use keywords and keyword phrases in your domain name, links, and image tags. Use caption with your images.

  5. 3. Get into Social Media. Create yourself a Facebook account so that you can create a Facebook Business Page. Create a Twitter account.

  7. 4. Go viral. Get users to post comments, like your page, share to social media, rate something on your site.

  9. 5. Make each web page on your site unique and full of descriptive content.

  11. 6. Create a Google Analytics account to view site traffic, see visitor demographics, create reports, etc.

  13. 7. Make sure your site is easy to navigate and easy to use.

  15. 8. When link building, look for quality sites with high PageRanks.

  17. 9. SEO is not a quick solution. Optimize your site daily.

  19. 10. Remember people, content is king! Fresh content improves your rankings. If you don't have much content on your site, then create a blog.

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