How Pay Per Click Search Engines Work

Free PPC tips for your campaign

  1. * The purpose of PPC Search Engines is to promote your website.

  3. * Advertisers sign up with a PPC engine and then they make a minimum deposit and then submit one or more keyword phrases. For example, if you have a web design company, your keyword phrase would be web design services.

  5. * It is best to research your keyword phrase(s) by using the Google keyword analyzer tool. There are other keyword tools on the Internet.

  7. * Next, the advertiser assigns a bid to each phrase. The bid will be the amount of money they are willing to pay whenever someone clicks to come to their website.

  9. * Remember this, it only costs when someone clicks on your listing and goes to your web site.

  11. * If you have the top bid for a keyword phrase, then you also have the top spot for that specific keyword phrase.

  13. * If someone comes along and searches your keyword, and they click your listing, the amount of the bid is deducted from your account deposit. In other words, it does not cost anything to be listed in the PPC engines.

  15. * You pay the amount of your bid each time someone clicks on your listing.

  17. * PPC Search Engines have anti-fraud measures so bad people cannot click you out of business. The most you can be charged is once per actual visitor per day.

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