How to make your website stand out

Free web design tips for your website

  1. * Domain Name - Make sure your domain name that you register will be short and related to your website. Make sure it is not difficult to remember and that it will be easy to spell.

  3. * Keywords - Make sure your main keyword is placed in the important areas of your web page. Make sure your main keyword phrase is located at the top and bottom of your web page and repeated throughout the body area. Don't add too much repetition. Search engines don't like this.

  5. * Home Page - Make sure your home page is easy to read.

  7. * Menus - Make your web site easy to navigate. Providing simple and clean menus will help you do this.

  9. * Fonts - Make sure your home page has a decent font size.

  11. * Make your selling points stand out. Bold header, add bullet points and short, easy to read sentences.

  13. * Links - Entice your visitors to stay on your website. Keep them interested by having them click on links that will take the visitor deeper into your site. Your site can link to a menu, more web page content, products/services, or images. You don't want your visitor to leave your site.

  15. * Logos - Having a logo will present professionalism and help to build name recognition and branding to your web site.

  17. * Colors - Make sure the colors on your site are easy on the eyes but stand out enough to look good. Use web safe colors.

  19. * Uniqueness - Of course going for your own custom web design template will help your web site stand out as well. Retro is cool too. Be creative!

  21. * Have Fun while you're doing it. It's your website. Whatever your reason for the website, make sure you have fun while you're planning.

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