How to use a Keyword Analyzer Tool for your Keyword Research


  • 1. We will use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner for this article. Go to You will see this page below. Click Sign In to log in if you already have an Adwords Account. You will need to click on Create an account if you don't.

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  • 2. Click on Search for new keyword and ad group ideas.

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  • 3. In this screen, under the Tools menu, you can enter the keyword that you want to focus on. You can see the examples: flowers or used cars. What are the products or services you are offering? Click on Get Ideas once you are ready. In my example, I used 'web design'.

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  • 4. You will see the two tabs: Ad group ideas and Keyword Ideas. Click on the Keyword Ideas tab to view similar results to your search. You can start your keyword list with these ideas. You can view Average Monthly Searches, Competition (Low/Medium/High) and CPC (Cost per Click). You can also click on the graph to view Search Volume Trends by month.

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  • 5. You can also go to Modify Search on the top right of AdWords if you want to search by other keywords.

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  • 6. Click on the Download button to save the data file to your computer. As you can see, it is asking you to save by Segmentation (Segment statistics by month) as an option. It is also asking if you want to save the file format as an Adwords Editor CSV (for future use to import back into AdWords) or to save as an Excel CSV file. I did not set up an AdWords campaign, so I selected Excel CSV. Click on Download.

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